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True Worship—Internal & Objective

What an irony, that the topic of worship, a topic so central to the scriptures, has caused numerous church conflicts and divisions. Unfortunately, many regard worship as merely singing and music, but that shallow definition misses the whole point. Conversely, there are others who take an opposing view saying that worship is everything you do. But this approach also becomes so broad that it offers little help to the one seeking to understand how the Creator God is to be worshiped. The various misunderstandings for this paramount term are understandable. The scriptures are not written as a dictionary, and when closely examined, they offer many different contexts and inclusions for this word. The etymology for our English word, worship, came from the idea of ascribing worth, while the primary Hebrew and Greek words, “Shachah” and “Proskuneo”, mainly refer to a physical posture that demonstrates complete subordination and acknowledgment of the superior. Strong’s Lexicon gives us the following insight in the definition: “to fall upon the knees and touch the ground with the forehead as an expression of profound reverence”. And this is indeed the prevalent response of everyone who stands in the presence of God. For example, when God appeared to Abraham, it says, “he lifted up …

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The Silent Demise of the Church

It is difficult to find a more controversial subject among today’s Christians than the “cool church”. Is it acceptable for a church to be confused for a bar? Is it permissible for pastors to use coarse, street language? Should the church speak the world’s language to convert the world into church? These important questions demand answers. If they are unclear to us, we will soon be swallowed by the “cool church”. Although it is not my intent, I am prepared to step on some toes with this post. If you were an enemy of the Church and was committed to its destruction, how would you go about it? If you were to bring it down, would it not be an advantage to carry out this mission quietly? How about allowing it to exist, and even flourish, but changing its goals, methods and identity? Wouldn’t the goal be accomplished if a church hardly resembled what it was intended to be, yet falsely thought that it was a model of Christ’s Church? Would it not be ideal if the church was swallowed by the surrounding world, but continued to think that the world had been absorbed into the church? Unfortunately, the enemy …

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Commitment to Word of Grace Bible Church

As part of the Topical series, preached at a Sunday Youth Service service, Eugene Shkarovskiy, our Pastor preached a message on the commitment to the local church. Here are some of the questions that he addresses: Can you say you are committed to your local church? Should you even be committed? And if so, what does this commitment mean? Is commitment measured by agreement? Attitude? Attendance? Membership? As Christians we need to cultivate a biblical response to our local church. This response is expressed in informed intelligent understanding and attitudes toward church: doctrine, leadership, philosophy, people, and development. To truly build up the Church of Christ we must be fully committed to a local church. To listen or to download the sermon click on the link below: Commitment to Word of Grace Bible Church

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