Commitment to Word of Grace Bible Church

As part of the Topical series, preached at a Sunday Youth Service service, Eugene Shkarovskiy, our Pastor preached a message on the commitment to the local church. Here are some of the questions that he addresses:
Can you say you are committed to your local church? Should you even be committed? And if so, what does this commitment mean? Is commitment measured by agreement? Attitude? Attendance? Membership?

As Christians we need to cultivate a biblical response to our local church. This response is expressed in informed intelligent understanding and attitudes toward church: doctrine, leadership, philosophy, people, and development. To truly build up the Church of Christ we must be fully committed to a local church.

To listen or to download the sermon click on the link below:
Commitment to Word of Grace Bible Church


  1. Olga Mikhaylenko says

    Initially, I thought Eugene was going to say that to be committed to the church you need to be in ministry and I thought well I have my ministry and I am fine. It was quite a surprise to see what he actually talked about but it makes so much sense. We need to understand the direction of the church and be heading in that direction as well, which could include ministry, but it is so much more. We are to be live cells, active in building up the church and we must all the building it in the right direction for it to be most effective.

    One thing Eugene explained I thought was very important was when he showed the dangers of not clarifying disagreements you might have with the pastor/preacher. Every time there is a disagreement it must be clarified or else you will continue to have more and more disagreements and you wont be able to hear the preaching as the word of God from the pulpit, but rather the word of man. That is very dangerous and could come from a misunderstanding.

    Thank you so much Eugene for this sermon! It was very helpful

    • Zhanna says

      Olga I totally agree with you but sometimes its impossible to get the situation fully resolved even with pastors, if both party’s are not involved you can only do everything from your side. And ya it sure is hard to be in conflict with a pastor and at the same time listen to him and to be fully engaged to what he preaches the conflict over powers the sermon even if you try so hard to concentrate and pay full attention. Its impossible until everything gets resolved completely between both party’s.

  2. daniel sklyarov says

    I only have a few words to say about all of this, and its that God specifically designed the church so you can worship him. People these days tend to be like lone strangers about church, they just cant decide on which church they want to stay in. That is a bad way of understanding the church. God wants us to pick one church, because he doesn’t want us to go in a bad relationship with him. Well this idea is all from a book called “Stop dating the church, fall in live with the family of God” when we are lone strangers we start dating the church and we stop being committed to the family of God. i thought if someone thinks that they can’t stay in a church i thought this little passage from the book would help. ” And we can always draw near to God because Jesus is our mediator.” that’s what we can know and feel when we are a part of a church, a part of Gods family, where you we…ask God to forgive us…from out sins and accept his plea for salvation. I hope from people reading this they will understand the meaning of being in Gods family, and most importantly ask Jesus Christ our savior for the salvation he’s given us, from the blood of Jesus can WE ONLY be forgiven and redeemed from our sins. So we can have eternal, everlasting, peace in heaven with God. Amen

    -and Eugene thank you for your sermon-

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