The Cry for Glory

Is life on earth something to enjoy? Is God interested in making our stay on earth the best possible experience?

We see quite the contrary in Romans 8:18-27, following Christ is joining His suffering as His spirit is in conflict with the world. The earth is under a curse by God Himself as a result of our sin; the believer is tormented by the desires of the flesh – this is hardly a life to enjoy.

However, all of difficulties are insignificant in comparison to the glory that is going to be revealed. All of the creation and the believers are eagerly anticipating the freedom from sin as the Holy Spirit is our guarantee of the pending glory.

So is this earth something to enjoy? Hardly. Maranatha!

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  1. Roman S says

    “Maranatha” nice, took a while to get that one but thanks to Wikipedia I’m informed. Also I think “groaning” is my new favorite word 🙂

  2. Ed Golyshevskiy says

    I like the picture – it really portrays the “groaning” in the christian life.

    Thanks for the post and sermon!

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