The Forgotten God

What does it mean to be a Christian? Or in other words, what makes a Christian different from a non-Christian? An even more important follow up question should be asked, “what is the significance of this difference?” In Romans 8:9, we are told that Christians have the Spirit of God Himself living in them and that the non-Christians don’t. That’s a stagering truth with significant ramifications for life. I’m sure that most of you have heard of the Holy Spirit, but very few actually know what the Bible teaches about the significance of His ministry in the life of the believer. This last week we studied Romans 8:9-17, a passage that deals head on with the person and work of the Holy Spirit. If you were with us, we’d like to hear from you about how our study deepened your understanding of Scripture and its practical role in your life. Use the comments below to share your thoughts or to ask questions that maybe weren’t answered for you during our time together. If you weren’t there, the message is available for download and you have no excuse why not joining this conversation.


  1. Vitaliy M says

    It’s so true, because of pentecostal and charismatic associations of the “holy spirit”. I’m quick to associate anything that has to do with the “holy spirit” as wrong or emotional.

  2. Andrew N says

    This was a great sermon!

  3. Irina P says

    yeah thanks for the awesome sermon!!
    I always forget that the Holy Spirit is in me, a part of the trinity! Its such a privilege and yet we’re not even aware of His presence many times. We think we’re at sin’s disposal and sometimes have no choice but to sin, when really, through the Holy spirit we have sooo much strength to just kill sins.

  4. daniel sklyarov says

    i was going to say that i always knew that the holy spirit was in me, but i never thought its God himself. we had Friday groups with Vitaly once and he said that the holy spirit isn’t just his helper or something, but that its God living inside of you and telling you whats wrong or right.

    thanks, Vitaly pelihatey for the great sermon.

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