“Upstream” is only a part of something greater

“Upstream” is a ministry targeting young people. A central aspect of our identity is that we are a part of a greater body; we are a part of a local church.

Young people are energetic, radical, and risk takers. This frequently leads them to segregation from other age groups. Churches often experience tension between the younger and older generations, and sometimes this leads to various churches consisting exclusively of young people.

“Upstream” strives to follow the Bible’s recipe for a vision. Jesus Christ came to build the Church and so must we. Therefore we are not just building a youth ministry but building a local church. By building the Church, we are investing into the only eternal project.

A few words about Word of Grace Bible Church. As the name speaks, we are a church that seeks the instruction of the Bible for what we believe and practice. Here is our mission statement: Affirming God-centeredness in all respects, adherence to Scripture and biblical preaching, to accomplish ministry in such a way, that it would lead us to submission to God, conformity to the character of Jesus Christ, and service to one another for the building up of the church, for the proclamation of the Gospel to all nations and the glorification of the great and sovereign God.

WGBC is a very unique place due to its cultural and linguistic heritage. Because the older generation has Russian as their primary language and the younger generation for the most part prefers English, we are constantly at work to meet the needs of both.

How is “Upstream” integrated into WGBC? Many ways. Our leadership is the same, our doctrine is one, and our goals are identical. Likewise, we share the same church building. “Upstream” youth ministry intersects with every other ministry in WGBC. In fact, even this website is an extension of the online ministry of WGBC.

So welcome to Word of Grace Bible Church. We are eager to hear from you and to serve. Visit our church sermons online at www.islovo.org or our youth service sermons at www.upstreamyouth.org or join us at 1317 NW 12 Avenue in Battle Ground, WA.