• Afraid of Evangelism? This might help

    By far, the most common reason why Christians are not actively involved in evangelism is fear. Sometimes we are not even sure why we are so afraid. We just feel this paralyzing stupor that grabs a hold of us once we encounter an opportunity, ask a question, or even when

  • True Worship—Internal & Objective

    What an irony, that the topic of worship, a topic so central to the scriptures, has caused numerous church conflicts and divisions. Unfortunately, many regard worship as merely singing and music, but that shallow definition misses the whole point. Conversely, there are others who take an opposing view saying that worship is everything

  • The Silent Demise of the Church

    It is difficult to find a more controversial subject among today’s Christians than the “cool church”. Is it acceptable for a church to be confused for a bar? Is it permissible for pastors to use coarse, street language? Should the church speak the world’s language to convert the world into

  • Commitment to Word of Grace Bible Church

    As part of the Topical series, preached at a Sunday Youth Service service, Eugene Shkarovskiy, our Pastor preached a message on the commitment to the local church. Here are some of the questions that he addresses: Can you say you are committed to your local church? Should you even be

  • Easter

    Without a doubt Easter is the most significant Christian holiday. It encapsulates the whole of the Christian message and most vividly displays the glory of God in all it’s beauty: sinners unable to save themselves are delivered by a Holy God through His death at their hands, paying for their

  • The Long-Promised List

    Alongside with many other practical topics, the subject of music was addressed in the 2009 Upstream Camp. Perhaps, it has always been that music was a highly controversial sphere of life, an extremely ‘gray’ area of life; a pliable tool ready to be used in any way, yet always maintaining

  • The Cry for Glory

    Is life on earth something to enjoy? Is God interested in making our stay on earth the best possible experience? We see quite the contrary in Romans 8:18-27, following Christ is joining His suffering as His spirit is in conflict with the world. The earth is under a curse by

  • The Forgotten God

    What does it mean to be a Christian? Or in other words, what makes a Christian different from a non-Christian? An even more important follow up question should be asked, “what is the significance of this difference?” In Romans 8:9, we are told that Christians have the Spirit of God

  • Who are we?

    “Upstream” is not only a name; it is a direction. It means to go against the grain. It is to resist the course of the surrounding majority. It is to risk rejection and opposition. It is about daring to be different, standing out, and not letting popular opinion and trends