Our Foundations of Faith course is designed to help individuals grasp the essentials of the Christian faith. It spans over eleven weeks of careful study of the major doctrines of Scripture: God, man, fall, salvation, sanctification, Bible, prayer, and church. Each lesson unpacks the practical significance of being firmly grounded in truth. The format is an interactive lecture between teacher and students. It’s open for anyone interested, but is also a prerequisite for those who want to be baptized at Word of Grace Bible Church.

The course is taught biannually, spring and fall, once in Russian and once in English. We meet on Wednesday evening 7-9pm, in the activity hall, during the midweek service. Our spring class will be starting April 6th in Russian. We hope to see you join us as we study God’s truth.

For more information, please contact us at mail@upstreamyouth.org and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Download the material here:

Foundations of Faith (English)

Foundations of Faith (Russian)