Eugene Kolomiytsev
Eugene Kolomiytsev

AGE: 16-28

NAME: “Clay”. We are clay in our Lord’s hands.

FELLOWSHIP GROUPS: We have four fellowship groups. Every Friday, after the general session, guys and girls meet separately in fellowship groups for a more open atmosphere to allow personal sharing.

LANGUAGE: English.

SIZE: 10-15 people

GOALS: The main goal of this group is to help each other grow spiritually for the sake of building up Christ’s church, likewise to invite the truths from the sermons into our lives. “How can I actually practice the truth that I’ve heard during the sermon?” is one of the many practical questions that are constantly being asked during Clay groups. Clay’s goal is to let Jesus mold each and every individual’s mentality, character, lifestyle, thought process, and every inch of our hardened hearts.

HISTORY: This group has just recently formed. We have descended from Paul Mikhaylenko and Daniel Tkachev’s groups and were also joined by new graduates. Clay’s official birthday is July 4, 2010.