Zherebnenkov family
Dmitriy Zherebnenkov

AGE: 16-35

NAME: Rooted

SUMMARY: Our group meets every Friday, 7pm at Dmitriy and Irina’s place. Most of our meetings begin with a great time of prayer and worship. We love to sing songs that remind us of God’s greatness, power, mercy and love. Often, we spend time digging into the Scripture for some practical lessons for our everyday life. One of the recent additions to our group time is a 15-minute sermon by one of our young men. This has been a great blessing to hear all of our men open up the Scripture for us. Often we look at the recent sermons that were preached by our pastors, and look into the practical application of the truth preached. We are grateful to God for their ministry in this group. Often we end our time of discussion in prayer, either as a whole group, in twos, or in our fellowship groups. Fellowship around tea and snack is our good tradition that we don’t want to ever let go.

All of these activities are geared to help young people put the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the right place in their lives, so that, as a result, they grow spiritually. Our aim is that God will be glorified, Scripture honored, believers edified, and for unbelievers to embrace the Gospel.

Twice a month, men from our group and from others join together for men’s breakfast, where we look into the biblical picture of man of God, learn to teach, learn to study the Scripture, read books, keep each other accountable, and just enjoy the fellowship of like-minded young men.

LANGUAGE: English.

SIZE: 15-20 people

ABOUT THE LEADER: Dmitriy, our group leader, is married to Irina, and with her, they raise four boys: Joshua, Johnny, Lucas and Mark. This makes their life busy, and very interesting. God has been teaching them a lot through parenting. God has blessed Dmitriy with a wife that fully supports him in ministry, and even takes some load on herself, like meeting with ladies, preparing the room for meetings, helping in the kitchen. The boys like the group as well, although, lately they have began secretly asking for candies from our youth, which adds more work to their parents.

If you would like to join us, or have any questions, Dmitriy’s email is: dzherebnenkov@slovo.org